Adana Cinema Museum

Did you know that there is a cinema museum in Adana?
As a movie lover, the presence of such a cinema museum excited me a lot and I wanted to introduce this beautiful museum to you.

One of the old Adana houses in the Tepebağ district was restored and converted into a cinema museum by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality and was put into service in 2011 within the scope of the 18th International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival activities.

Why it is in Adana? Once upon a time Adana was the leading steakholder of Yeşilçam (Turkey’s domestic film industry); the sector was shaped by the audience and operators in Adana. If I remind that there were 200 open air cinemas in Adana from the end of the 60’s until the middle of the 70’s, I think the situation is better understood.

I was very surprised when I found out during the museum visit that the number of artists from Adana in the sector was quite high. Then I was surprised at why I was surprised. All of the following ones were from Adana:

Yılmaz Güney, Ali Şen, Şener Şen, Aytaç Arman, Menderes Samancılar, Bilal İnci, Demir Karahan, Salih Güney, Yılmaz Köksal, Meral Zeren, Levent Özdilek…

Screenplay Writers:
Orhan Kemal, Yaşar Kemal, Muzaffer İzgü…

Producers and Directors:
Abdurrahman Keskiner, Ali Özgentürk, İrfan Atasoy, Yılmaz Duru, Sami Güçlü, Şahin Kaygun…

One of the walls of the Adana Chamber of Filmmakers is dedicated to the photographs of Adana filmmakers. Those with a photo make up only a part of the filmmakers from Adana. Since there is no space, the names of other artists are listed. Scanning and archiving work was continuing intensely.

In the museum, where the entrance is free, young staff accompany and guide you on your museum visit.

The museum is divided into four different sections:

– Yılmaz Güney Room
– Chamber of Adana Filmmakers
– Gold Cocoon Room
– Library and Archive Room
In the Yılmaz Güney Chamber, wax statue of the character “Cabbar”, played by Yılmaz Güney in the movie “Hope”, posters of Güney’s movies, some items (gun, cup set, etc.) he used in some of his movies and the trophy he was rewarded at the Golden Boll Film Festival in 1971 are on display.

In the corridor by the entrance of the room, letters written by Yılmaz Güney from the prison to his wife and the posters of the movies “Hope” and “Seyyithan” are seen.

In a corner of the Adana Chamber of Filmmakers, Abidin Dino and Orhan Kemal are displayed while debating on art at length. Abidin Dino was once exiled to the city where his brother Arif Dino and his grandfather Abidin Pasha served as governor. His long-lasting friendship with Orhan Kemal and Yaşar Kemal began in this city.

Orhan Kemal, whose only income source was writing, also had to write scripts. He wrote the scenarios and dialogues of many movies such as “Gurbet Kuşları (Expatriate Birds)” and “Murtaza”.

Movie posters bearing Adana filmmakers are intense. One of them is the poster of the movie “Towards the Sun”, starring Arif Dino, Ferdi Tayfur and Güzin Dino, directed by Nazım Hikmet in 1937. Hikmet has contributed to many other movies in the background. However, this is the only movie poster whose name is written (He, in fact, allowed). Behind the stage, we see the signature of Abidin Dino. It is also possible to see the poster of the documentary entitled “Goal World Cup 1966”, the first and only movie of Abidin Dino shot at the 1966 World Cup.

Typewriters and belongings of Muzaffer İzgü were also placed in another corner of the room.

In the Golden Boll Room, there are news about festivals and movie competitions, newspaper clippings, photographs and trophies that were given as awards.

At the entrance of the museum, the photograph of Fatma Girik and Yılmaz Güney, who received, respectively, the best actress and best actor awards at the Golden Boll Film Festival of 1971, attracts attention.

Adana’s actor, producer, director, screenwriter and genius dancer Yılmaz Duru’s (1929-2010) private items like outfit, watch, etc. are among those on display in the museum.

A private library and archive room, which can be used by those interested in cinema, has also not been neglected.

The cinema museum suits Adana, which has an important place in the history of Turkish cinema. The city has trained many movie artists and has opened a very beautiful museum in memory of these artists. Thanks to those who contributed, especially to Adana Metropolitan Municipality…

Although I have visited Adana Cinema Museum admiringly, I will not be able to finalize my writing without making a suggestion. The current building of the museum is an old mansion at which the existing area was effectively used. I heard that the building adjacent to the museum may also be added to the museum.

With the possibility of creating a new additional section, I wish a screen and comfortable seats similar to those in National Cinema Museum in Turin, Italy, are placed in one of the halls so that there might be continuous movie performances.

Below is a photo that I had taken in the museum in Turin.

If you happen to stop by Adana consider taking your time to visit Turkey’s first urban cinema museum. Take a nostalgic journey between movie posters and watch a movie you will choose from the archive. It will make you feel good.

If you want to visit the museum with video …

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