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Kibyra – City of Gladiators and Speedy Horses

This is the city of gladiators, horses, and Roman warriors… It also served an important function as a state judicial center. It is a...

Gobekli Tepe – A Cult Center in the Neolithic Period

Göbekli Tepe, one of the most important places of our trip to Şanlıurfa, has become the most important center of the Neolithic Period culture...

Adana Cinema Museum – Turkey’s First City Cinema Museum

Did you know that there is a cinema museum in Adana? As a movie lover, the presence of such a cinema museum excited me a...

Aizanoi Ancient City – A Journey to the Past at the Temple…

One can think that the ancient city of Aizanoi invites the visitors to a time tunnel with the world's best-preserved Temple of Zeus, the...
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