I will tell you about a project that I think it could be encountered only in movies or dreams. Lisinia is the outcome of the initiative of a handful volunteers who prove that miraculous results can be achieved and you get awarded when you listen to the voice of nature gratefully and direct the producer correctly.

If your path falls around Burdur, I suggest you do not return without visiting the Lisinia Nature Project, 36 km away from the town. You will be surprised and impressed when you see what the volunteers can do in our country.

Lisinia is entered through a wooden vault. Everything you will see after this is made of natural materials.

You begin to smell a village setting when you see tree stumps, branches and reeds. Simply dressed nature volunteers around guide you and answer your questions while you walk .

A giant eagle statue made of dry tree branches greets you. You will see other sculptures like this while you walk. These are sculptures made by collecting and drying tree branches, which hit the shore naturally by themselves. They were used as they were found without being touched. When you examine them closely you can understand that you have come across extraordinary pieces of art. Here the artist continues to work in the open-air workshop. It also works on order. While watching this extraordinary sculptor, you may also have the opportunity to sit by the wooden tables, eat hot pancakes and drink tea or ayran (buttermilk).

In a large wooden space, visitors can sit on stools made of wooden logs and listen to the introductory speech of the project. Meanwhile, young volunteers offer lavender tea.

You can not believe in your ears from time to time while listening to the development of this project and what was done while you are accompanied by the warmth of lavender tea in your hand, a mysteriously bitter taste in your tongue, and the sharp lavender smell coming to your nose. But your soul is almost lightened when you think how proud and promising what has been done for our country.

The ancient name of the region was Pisidia and its most important city was Lisinia. Lisinia meant the sparkling of the rising and setting sun and the moonlight in the water.

Veterinarian Öztürk Sarıca, who lost his family members from cancer, started this project in 2005 with the idea that the pollution that disrupts the harmony between all living and inanimate beings in nature is also effective on cancer. It is aimed to sustain natural life and bequeath it to future generations.

As a result of three years of work to obtain permission, Lisinia officially became the first Wildlife Center of our country. In the same period, it was granted to the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs for 10 years by all the expenses to be covered by Öztürk Sarıca.

No support and grants are accepted in this project. You can only contribute by purchasing natural products produced.

An academic study determined the goats as the cause of the erosion (!). Thus, incentives for cattle raising were given. However, the water requirement of the plants grown in the region for the feeding of cattle has exceeded the irrigation basin capacity. And therefore, within the scope of the “Preserve the Lake Burdur” project”, efforts to encourage goat and sheep breeding, which do not need a lot of water for feeding and are specific to the region, have been initiated.

In all agricultural areas used in the center, organic and non-drug farming was carried out. Century old original seeds of Burdur region were used.

Environmentally friendly agriculture practices bearing zero chemicals with ecological production certificates are incurred.

Lavender and rose production are popularized in the region. Within the scope of “Nature School”, young nature volunteers are trained.

In order to save the Lake Burdur, whose water level is gradually decreasing, the volunteers keep explaining to those in the environs that agriculture and animal husbandry can be done by using less water and train the villagers in this regard. To use clean energy, solar energy is used in the project through the solar panels system.

Wild animals, which were shot by hunters, poisoned by chemicals, and had various diseases, are taken to the treatment program in the center and then returned to nature after treatment.

After obtaining this information, it is possible to shop from the sales stands right next to you. What you can find in these stands are soaps, vegetable oils, honey and much more …

After watching the presentation and, if wished, shop from natural products, you may go for a walk on the dirt roads of the village which of the warm look of the wooden structures and simplicity of the naturalness take you away from the complex images, sounds and odors of the city life. Your steps take you to the Natural Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

The number of the animals that are brought to this rehabilitation center so far: Pelican (1), Glossy Ibis (2), Eurasian Coot (5), Mallard (2), Ruddy Shelduck (27), Accipiter Gentilis (4), Short-Toed Snake Eagle (3), Stork (47), Flamingo (3), Kestrel ( 24), Black Vulture (1), Red Vulture (1), Little Owl (14), Owl (6), Long-Eared Owl (6), Barn Owl (6), Burhinus Oedicnemus (2), Pig (2), Circus Cyaneus (1), Falco Peregrinus (8), Hawk (12), Pheasant (1), Dove (6), Turtle (9), Grey Heron (2), Bubulcus Ibis (4), Squacco Heron (6), Little Egret (1), Pigeon (2), European Turtle Dove (2), Circus Aeruginosus (1), Crested Lark (2), Sparrow (2), European Nightjar (3), Swallow (3), Common Swift (1), Partridge (26) ), Aquila Heliaca (1), Eurasian Hobby (12), Jackal (1), Gull (2), Falcon (320).

Of 584 animals coming to the center, 394 were treated and released into the nature.

I think this project, which has many components, highly deserves to be visited. I especially recommend you going with your children so that they can see that there are other alternatives far from the chaos of big city life and what technology provides. They may comprehend that the nature entrusted to us and to be conveyed to future generations exists not only to serve people, and unless we survive in peace and harmony with animals and plants, the revenge of nature will be cruel. Maybe your children will also be “Nature Volunteers”.

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